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Month: January 2016

Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch

By using TRX and sliders you can do a dynamic hip flexor stretch. A dynamic movement means that you are moving during the stretch. It activates muscles you will be using during your workout., for example lunges.

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Jacob Newland

jacobJacob Newland
Personal Trainer
Jacob, a graduate of Heritage College, has a degree in Personal Fitness Training. The program at Heritage College focuses on aerobic fitness, strength training, preventative fitness, weight loss, basic diet, and nutrition. Jacob’s approach to training is based solidly on the American Council on Exercise (ACE) guidelines. To better help his clients achieve their goals, he plans to return to school and earn a bachelor’s degree focusing on health and fitness.
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Christine Smothers

staff-christineChristine Smothers

For more than ten years, Christine has worked with athletes and non-athletes. She has provided fitness and wellness programming to individuals and groups, always stressing the importance of physical fitness and overall wellness. She has developed and implemented strength, cardiovascular, weight loss and flexibility programs and has trained many clients in the proper use of her programs. She also focuses on injury prevention, rehabilitation and emergency care as an athletic trainer.
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Ed Avery

ed-averyEd Avery – CPT
Personal Trainer

Ed Avery has a vast experience provides him with the ability to help FR client’s meet their short and long term fitness and physical goals.

Ed has over 10 years experience in personal and group training as well as training education and lifetime of endurance (principally running) competition. Ed worked as a master trainer at multiple local fitness facilities and started Avery Fitness in the Nationwide Plaza Wellness Center. Ed’s one-on-one trainees have included a range of individuals including those with varying physical limitation goals as well as competitive athletes looking for a physical advantage. His experience also includes group training and exercise sessions. Ed utilizes a variety of modalities and styles of training.
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