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Getting Sweaty at Fitness Resources Could Help Parkinson’s Patients

Fitness Resources has launched a new program tailored to the needs of Parkinson’s patients in response to recent studies supporting the benefits of exercise for Parkinson’s sufferers. According to Dr. J. Eric Ahlskog of the Mayo Clinic, “ongoing aerobic exercise may slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disorder of the nervous system.” Mark Mayes has asked Christine Smothers of Fitness Resources to lead the program.

In 2005 Christine Smothers was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her diagnosis spurred her to incorporate exercise, food as medicine, stress management, yoga and other alternative approaches to health and wellness into her daily routine and into her overall approach to life. She relies on her fitness and wellness regimen to control her MS and stop its progression.

Smothers has been certified by OhioHealth’s “Delay the Disease” program to design exercise programs for those with Parkinson’s disease. She will develop exercise routines for clients specific to their needs and limitations. Asked what draws her to her work with Parkinson’s patients, Smothers comments, “As one of instructors for the ‘Delay the Disease’ program, I often see patient-clients empower themselves and overcome the feeling that they are victims of their disease. It’s very rewarding to see them make long lasting changes for the better.”

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