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Jeff Luke

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Jeff Luke
Riding and racing off-road motorcycles for 30 years has taught Jeff a thing or two about endurance and stamina, not to mention injury prevention and rehabilitation. In 2009, Jeff underwent ACL reconstruction surgery, which involves a notoriously difficult recovery. Doing everything his doctor suggested—in addition to all the exercises he knew how to do—Jeff continued to struggle to regain leg strength. He decided to hire a personal trainer, and that’s when his love for fitness began. High school wrestling had instilled in him a passing interest in fitness, but working with a trainer elevated his interest to a whole new level and inspired him to pursue a career in physical therapy. He decided to earn a personal training certification through World Instructor Training Schools and to help other people find in fitness the same joy that he had found. Working with Fitness Resources since January 2012, Jeff has helped people reach their fitness goals including strength training, weight loss and sport-specific training. Jeff’s hobbies now include cycling, hiking and, still, the occasional dirt-bike outing. A physical therapy assisting degree is in his near future.

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