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Balance Exercise Bar

Improving your balance, coordination and agility.

After 35 years experience in the fitness industry, I find individuals of all ages need to work on balance and coordination.

What does balance and coordination mean when it comes to our body?  Balance includes the ability to maintain positions, recover and react from forces that might throw you off balance, as well as the ability to safely fall, minimizing injuries. Coordination is the ability to smoothly execute a movement through space, for example walking.

We lose muscle mass over time without strength training. So increasing muscle mass and strength helps the muscles improve balance by being able to maintain different positions, like standing and then the  coordination of body for movement. For example, muscles of the lower body hips, thighs, calf muscles allow us to pick one foot up, balancing on one leg until we place the foot back on the ground. Strong core muscles of the upper body,  the abdominals and back help maintain an up right position. But sometimes out side forces may effect basic movements, like unlevel sidewalks. But even strong muscles sometimes might not prepare the body awkward movements. That’s where the Balance Exercise Bar comes into play. The movement of the weight in the bar help prepare the muscles of the body for unexpected outside forces that could throw off your balance and coordination.