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Mark Mayes and Fitness Resources personal trainers can help you lose body weight whether it be a few pounds or few hundred pounds.


Chris Stenger before & after personal training with Fitness Resources

Fitness Resources personal trainers are here to help you take the first steps for losing the weight.

Here at Fitness Resources we have state of the art equipment such as Star Trac Human Sport® machines and Star Trac® aerobic machine. Our exercise machines allow our trainers to design programs for circuit training in order to burn calories more effectively or strength training to increase muscle mass which requires the body to burn more fuel.

Fitness Resources trainers understand the challenges that come with being overweight and are here to help personally guide you, motivate you and support you with your journey through weight loss to the body you deserve.

Our trainers have also been specifically trained in nutrition and behavior modification. Our trainers will give you nutritional guidance as related to public information and the latest research on nutrition. When trainers feels a client may need additional nutritional guidance due to a chronic disease, they will refer the client to a local dietitian and work with the dietitian to help the client achieve their goals.

Weight loss is a priority challenge for all of us.  And as we get older, our own hormones change and we may lose muscle mass due to lack of exercise. Lack of exercise and poor nutrition can affect sleep patterns, stress, hormones, and hormones.

You only have one body.
If you’ve made getting back into shape and managing your weight a priority, contact us to take the first step.

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