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Corporate Program

employeesFitness Resources offers a Corporate Health and Wellness Program.
Fitness Resources will provide a fitness specialist for your company’s fitness facility. Our specialists guide your employees on proper exercise techniques, answer any related questions they may have and provide support and encouragement as they work toward their health and fitness goals. With Fitness Resources, your employees will learn strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility training. They will also learn about basic health and nutrition.
The initial complete fitness evaluation for your employees includes:
– blood-pressure screening
– health-risk appraisal
– body-composition analysis
– aerobic capacity
– nutrition profile
– healthy back examination
– cholesterol screening
– flexibility analysis
– muscular strength analysis

Fitness Resources will evaluate your company’s fitness facilities and offer suggestions based on a comprehensive survey of your employee base.

Fitness Resources will develop a custom program to meet the specific needs of your employees. We offer a menu of services that you can add to the comprehensive package or use to build a totally tailored package.
– Fitness Facility Service*
– Survey Service*
– Education Service*
– Fitness Assessment Service*
– Nutrition Service
– Massage Therapy Service
– Workshops

* These services are included in the comprehensive package
Every day, the impact of obesity and poor health not only on individuals but also the companies that employ them becomes more apparent. According to the CDC:
Obesity and the health conditions associated with it; such as, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, and certain types of cancer are responsible for much of the increase in health care spending by employers. Obese persons spend 77% more money for necessary medications than non-obese persons. Obesity affects more than health care costs, it also has a significant impact on worker productivity because the more chronic medical conditions an employee has, the higher the probability of absenteeism.

But it is also clear that when companies help their employees get and stay healthy, business bottom lines share in the benefits.

Organizations can benefit directly by improving employee health through an obesity prevention program. A survey of CEOs found that “healthier employees” is the number one reason why companies choose to implement health promotion programs. Additionally, well-designed programs have the potential to extend beyond the work site and positively influence dependents (spouses and children), and thereby reduce an organization’s health care costs.

How much your company could save depends on a number of factors, and we’ll be happy to help you calculate your savings. Using tools designed by the CDC, along with some basic, anonymous information that you provide, Fitness Resources can perform a cost-benefit analysis for your company. We’re confident that once you see the data, you’ll be convinced that your company needs a health and wellness program. And when you’re ready to start putting a program in place, we’ll be here to help with that, too!

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