Fitness Resources

Corporate Wellness Partners

Mark Wagenbrenner, President, Wagenbrenner Development
I approached Mark Mayes of Fitness Resources in 2007 about helping my company, Wagenbrenner Development, design and manage the gym in our Harrison Park Condominiums Community Center. Because of his reputation in the fitness community and his more than 25 years in the industry, I felt comfortable working with Mark on this project and trusted—and continue to trust—Mark’s expertise. Fitness Resources took over the management of the Harrison Park Condominiums Fitness Center in April 2008. Over the past six years, I have found Fitness Resources to be a valuable asset to our condominium community, and I highly recommend him for work in the fitness industry including personal training, fitness center design and management, and consultation.

Patrick J. Elgin, Personnel Manager, Columbus Dispatch
This is in regard to the two trainers, Marla Masyt and Wade Crum, that helped us during our March Evaluation and Fitness Month program. I was very pleased with their help and performance and wanted to make you aware of the fine job they did for us here at The Columbus Dispatch.

David J. Glimcher, President, Glimcher Realty Trust
Fitness Resources were extremely helpful and motivating to all of the associates in the company. We would highly recommend your services to any future employers.

Cory Hutchinson, Prescription for Wellness Team Member—Wella Wella Program
I would like to thank you for your participation in our Meet the Trainer session at Roxane Laboratories. According to the evaluations we received from the employees, each were impressed and found it to be very informative.