Fitness Resources

Exercise is Medicine

Fitness Resources’s Certified Health Fitness Specialists have the experience to design and supervise the ideal exercise program for individuals referred by their healthcare provider. Mark Mayes, a 25+ year veteran of the fitness industry, is recognized as a Certified Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine. He started Fitness Resources in 1991. Contact Mark to discuss your patient’s needs.

A Fitness Resources initial evaluation includes:
• health and exercise history
• anthropometric measurements
• weight/fat analysis
• postural and balance evaluations
• range-of- motion evaluation
• aerobic capacity (sub max) assessment
• muscular strength and muscular endurance tests

Once we have evaluated your patient— taking particular and careful note of any specific instructions and guidelines that you share with us— we will tailor an exercise program that usually includes both cardiovascular and resistance training. We will monitor your patient’s progress and provide you with regular reports and follow- up information, if requested.

State-of-the-Art Private Fitness Center
• no membership fees or contracts
• 24/7 access to the fitness center
• free parking
• support of a Certified Health Fitness Specialist