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Mark has an expert understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and physiology; that is what makes him a great trainer. I have referred patients to Mark and Fitness Resources for many years. I myself train with Mark. I have seen great results, and he makes it fun at the same time.


Mark and his personal trainers will help you learn how to perform safely a wide variety of exercises. You’ll learn not only what your body can do now but also what it will be able to do when it’s properly trained. Your trainer will work with you to determine where you should start, to discover to which exercises your body responds well and to develop strategies to avoid boredom in your workouts. [highlight]They’ll keep you motivated, [/highlight]and when you start seeing that hard work pay off, you’ll find that you can motivate yourself!

Mark founded Fitness Resources in 1991 with the professional philosophy  to educate, motivate and provide direction to individuals of all ages to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. His areas of expertise are general fitness training, strength training,post-rehabilitation, swimming, running and cycling programs.

Contact Mark Today for a Free Consultation (614)286-7883!

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