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How Many Steps Are in a Mile?

Your steps per mile depend on your stride length

One comment on “How Many Steps Are in a Mile?


    I like this site very much. My friend was arguing that 2K steps = 1 mile. Rather than argue, I decided to check it out myself and, in doing so, found y’all.
    I do have a question re stride: distance = steps/height… Wouldn’t leg length msrmt be more accurate? I have another friend who, when we sit down on equally level seats, appears at least 6″, maybe more, shortest than I. Yet, when we stand, she is actually the same height as I. I’m long torsoed, short(er) legged; she has legs to her neck I like to say, with a much shorter torso. So, with that in mind, wouldn’t her stride, by default, be greater and, this, require less steps than I to complete a mile?
    Whatever the case may be, I’m excited to have found you. I will be keeping your site on my faves, as a go to for my fitness questions and goals for 2021.
    Have a GREAT YEAR !!! 🌞😷💪

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