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Month: December 2016

Holiday Special 2016!

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Avoid the Winter Workout Block

By Jude Burnside // December 2016

It’s easy to find the warmth of your home much more appealing than a trip to the gym. It doesn’t help that the holidays bring joy, laughter, and food. So, so much food. One thing leads to the next, and you’ve found yourself at a workout block.

We’re here to help you out of it. Here are our best tips and tricks for avoiding that wintry slump. Oh, and if you need a place to workout, we’ve got you. (24/7 too!)

8 Ways to Avoid the Winter Workout Block


  1. Embrace the cold. It’s chilly. Not just chilly, but -10 degrees and that’s not including wind chill. But you know what will warm you up? A quick workout!
  2. Treat yo self, to new workout gear. Post-holiday gift cards have to be spent at some time. So, why not spend that new Target gift card on a new workout outfit? It’s sure to motivate you the second you slip into it.
  3. Take it slow. What’s the rush? Sadly, the snow isn’t going anywhere for at least two more months. So take it slow and steady. Try to workout 3 times a week at the minimum, and amp it up as beach season comes closer into view.
  4. Set a big goal. I know, we said to go slow. So set a goal that you can reach in 6-8 months. Keeping your eyes on the prize will get your butt into the gym, and if you can get past the snow and slush then you’ll be sure to reach it!
  5. Workout with a friend! This one goes without explanation, but did you know that Fitness Resources offers a discount for personal training lessons when you workout with a pal?
  6. Refresh your workout playlist. Whatever gets you in the mood, explore a little more of it. Use that iTunes gift card or Spotify subscription for some new pump-up tunes. Don’t have either? See #2.
  7. Spice up your diet. Or spice it down. Just change it up a little. Find some new healthy snacks and meals to make and get excited to add them to your personal menu. If you need some, we always have your back.