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Staying Healthy in Cold Weather

Staying Healthy in Cold Weather // Jude Burnside, November 2016


Cold weather, cold season. While your coworkers and friends are coughing and sniffling, you can be sporting a healthy glow. Here are some things to do, and some things to definitely not do, if you want to stay healthy this winter.


Dress for the weather. Even if you’re running out to your car in the middle of the day, make sure you don’t go outside without protective gear. Invest in a heavy jacket, thick gloves, a few knitted hats, and some warm workout gear. You can even treat yourself to warm, wool cabin socks. Your body will thank you later.


Drink healthy. Make sure to drink plenty of water. This is a tried-and-true immune system booster. Throw a lemon in it every now and then too. They are full of antioxidants–great for detoxing and keeping your flu-fighters in top shape! Also, try swapping your morning coffee for green tea once in a blue moon. The antioxidants in green tea are plentiful, and the caffeine will last you longer than coffee. (Don’t like the taste? Add lemon, honey, or milk!)


Get plenty of rest. Once again, a tried-and-true method to staying healthy in the winter. If you struggle to fall asleep, try lavender essential oils. You can put them in a diffuser or on the insides of your wrists. You could also treat yourself to a holiday blanket. Come on, you deserve a fuzzy addition to your bed.


Take a (detox) bath. Need another way to warm up? Take a detox bath–great for your skin and immune system. This is a perfect way to hit the “reset” button on your health and body. Just add epsom salts, baking soda, and a few drops of essential oils (you can even use the lavender that helps you sleep!).


Be mindful of your mental health. Wintertime is the season in which your immune system really needs you to step it up, but make sure you aren’t losing your mind in doing so. Take a couple of extra minutes at the end of each day to relax. You can journal, listen to music, dance, or sip some tea and stare at your snowy lawn. Whatever it takes to keep you sane, make sure you are doing it.

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